Specing Aerial Lift Equipment For Projects

Spimerica offers many options when it comes to reviewing plans, offering our expert advise on the proper machine, and helping companies create savings by our expert team solving complex access conditions.  For more information on demo’s, in person training, or visiting our facilities let us know!

While the primary purpose of a boom lift sounds simple, trying to decide which model is best for your needs requires detailed planning. Some boom lift models reach much higher elevations, while others are more versatile in hard-to-reach areas. Both of these factors are critical when selecting which boom lift is right for you.

In conjunction with our aerial lift expertise, we provide design protocol and layouts for OSHA and ANSI compliant access and fall protection systems and methods ranging from rope access to permanently installed suspended scaffolding systems. Our core values are to partner with our clients to reduce the projects future operating costs and liability exposure by designing the most cost effective, code compliant access system.

A project’s requirements go a long way in determining the features and functions of aerial lifts that departments need. Requirements fall into six groups: personnel; horizontal movement, surface, and obstacles; vertical movement and obstacles; tools; portable equipment; and material. Managers can use these six groups as a checklist to identify all the project requirements that will affect lift selection. By considering all of them, managers can take a comprehensive approach to planning effective, safe work in hard-to-reach areas.

If you would like to talk with an aerial work platform specialist and find out more information on our aerial lift project specing services and aerial lift equipment consulting, please contact us today!