Difference Between a Cherry Picker & Aerial Work Platform

A cherry picker is a type of mobile aerial work platform that consists of a bucketlike surface at the edge of a hydraulic lifting machine. The surface of the cherry picker lift is attached to a telescopic arm that aids its movements and positioning. The name cherry picker lift is however derived from its initial use for picking fruits. It has since gone through a lot of adjustments and improvements so that it can also be used to perform other tasks, especially those that have to be done at great heights. A cherry picker lift can now be used to perform tasks like stock picking, lifting of workers, routine maintenance, tree trimming and construction jobs. Other uses for cherry pickers include telephone and power line services.

An important advantage of using a cherry picker is that it guarantees a safe work area and the safe movement of workers. A cherry picker can even be used during filmmaking processes where the camera needs to capture scenes from high angles of elevation. Fire stations also make use of cherry pickers when they require multiple rescues at the same time, it helps the firefighters to conserve their energies as they would not need to carry people before returning to the ground.

As aforementioned in previous write-ups, aerial work platforms also known as elevated work platforms are machine equipment used all over the world and by millions of people during construction, maintenance, tree services, cleaning, evacuation, and the performance of other tasks that seem impossible due to height. Aerial work platforms can be seen as a better alternative to ladders and scaffolding because it allows a worker more space for more range of height during tasks. Aerial work platforms are also commonly used in industries that include construction, landscaping, industrial cleaning, and so on.

Cherry pickers can be categorized into different types, the type of cherry picker is determined by its features, functions, and uses. Aerial work platforms also have several types. The types of cherry pickers include mast lifts and stock pickers while aerial lifts include telescopic, articulating, towable booms, and spider lifts.

This write-up is going to highlight the differences and similarities between the types of cherry pickers and aerial lifts while also mentioning their uses.

Cherry pickers and aerial lifts are similar in the sense that they are both used for elevating works that involve heights. They can both be utilized to lift workers for maintenance or installations and so on.

Cherry pickers are generally cheap and simple forms of work platforms, especially the ones whose units are fitted and fixed to trailers. Aerial lifts are on the other hand more expensive when you take into consideration the complex technology and systems used to raise and lower the fitted units.

Cherry pickers are popularly used for cleaning a house or building, painting or repainting of houses, offices, or buildings, tree trimming, advertisements, large signboards, billboards installations, and ground or park maintenance to mention a few. Aerial lifts are mostly used for indoor and outdoor constructions, maintenance, steelworks, shipping or port work, roofing, painting, buildings, and any other thing a cherry picker cannot reach at height.


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