Bravi Sprint Platform 5 m Working Height


Sprint moves quickly and lifts operators and materials, positioning them to the desired height. The innovative load deck carries up to 90 kg and is adjusted electrically by simply pressing a button on the machine. Furthermore, additional material can be loaded on the load deck found on the hood, up to a maximum load of 113 kg (248.9 lbs). Once the load is positioned onto the Sprint, the operator does not have to dismount, push equipment or move on foot greatly reducing the number of unnecessary trips inside the warehouse to retrieve items. With a full battery charge the Sprint can run for 28 km (17 miles)!


Safety regulations are clear about the manual moving of loads. The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work considers a load 25-30 kg (55-66 lbs.) as potentially too heavy for most people to lift (Osha Fact Sheet 73). The risk increases exponentially when the load needs not only to be moved, but also carried up and down a ladder. Traditional methods require two people to be involved in order to perform the task, while the Sprint allows the operator to load the products and raise them in complete autonomy. This will not only have a positive impact on productivity, allowing the operator to do more in less time, but it will also avoid injuries related to manual movement of goods and increase safety.


Simple, efficient and comfortable, the Sprint range is the result of 10 years of continuous technical improvements. The innovative lifting mast requires no upkeep, while the careful selection of high-quality components, and an extremely simple yet effective design make the Sprint virtually maintenance-free, designed to guarantee low ownership costs. New: the Sprint can be fitted with AGM batteries, effectively eliminating battery maintenance.