Bravi Sprint TL Platform 5 m Working Height


With tires getting bigger and heavier it is becoming necessary to prevent injuries during operations involving their handling and movement. Sprint TL lifts the operator and tires, easily positioning them at the desired height and allowing for a faster and safer performance than if manually handled. The innovative Lift Compartment System can be loaded with up to four tires, depending on size and weight. Adjust the inclination and load of the Lift Compartment by simply pressing the buttons from on board the Sprint TL. Simple as that! The set of roller side guides are electrically operated to roll-in tires allowing the operator to easily pick up tires from the Lift Compartment. Releasing the button automatically stops its movement. With its four long-lasting 24 Volts rechargeable batteries you will be able to work all day, cutting time spent on the retrieval and movement of tires and improving operator efficiency!


According to OSHA, 56% of shoulder, neck and back injuries in the auto sector are due to tire-related services. Sprint TL’s heavy duty steel case construction and frame allow it to handle tires and wheels up to 100 kg (220 lbs).Traditional methods require two people to be involved in order to perform the task, while the Sprint TL allows the operator to load the items and handle them in complete autonomy. This will not only have a positive impact on productivity, allowing the operator to do more in less time, but it will also avoid injuries related to manual movement.


Simple, efficient and comfortable, the Sprint range is the result of more than 10 years of continuous technical improvements. The innovative lifting mast requires no upkeep, while the careful selection of high-quality components, and an extremely simple yet effective design make the Sprint virtually maintenance-free, designed to guarantee a low ownership cost.