Aerial Work Platforms For Renewable Energy

When looking for a good aerial work platform for renewable energy such as wind farms and solar installations, you need to make an inventory of the situation like what type of subsoil the ground has, the distance to the work area, and the availability of space to place the aerial lift. Articulated boom lifts are often used during solar panel projects. You can easily reach difficult places with them and you can go for models that have enough bucket space that allows more people to work simultaneously.

Getting a ladder or scaffolding is simply not a recommendable option. An aerial work platform will provide you with safe access to all work areas at height during your installation.

Solar panels require little to no maintenance to function. You can just leave it as it is but if you need to maintain it then it is your choice. Solar panel maintenance ranges from cleaning dirt, debris, and leaves to keeping the sun shining brightly.

You should also consider an aerial work platform that is not dangerous to residential areas since most solar panels are often needed in residential areas. Aerial work lifts that have quiet and emission-free advantages are recommended. Aerial work platforms that make use of dual-energy can be used indoors for zero emissions.

A hiring company that is readily available is also important in case of any breakdowns or issues that need to be fixed or if the machine or equipment needs to be changed. This removes potential delays. There are a lot of hiring companies which include Doornbos equipment, platform basket spider lifts, and so on.

Aerial lifts that have excellent grip on the ground are to be considered because they are designed with expendable tracks which ensures an excellent grip on the ground while also applying little pressure to the ground. Lifts as such make it possible to work in any terrain condition; soft, sandy, snowy, or slippery.

Aerial boom lifts reduce the risk of your solar panel’s installer falling or other hazards involved when climbing with ladders or scaffolds.

The convenience of moving the aerial lift to the workspace should also be considered. Some lifts need highway codes or have restrictions. It is best to get one that can be towed without any restrictions.

With all these mentioned, an articulated boom lift checks all our boxes perfectly. An articulating boom lift is elastic and can reach up and all around the workspace. It is also great when it comes to facing obstacles.

An Electric boom lift however also meets our requirements if you are working indoors. An electric boom with non-marking tires is best indoors as it will keep your grounds intact.


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